How to use UV printer to achieve sandwich mode printing

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The sandwich mode printing means Color-white-color mode printing which is one of multi-white application.It has excellent visual effect, the screen color is bright, high saturation, strong color reproduction, fully meet the customer's requirements for color.

Moreover, the front and back sides can also be different images, allowing customers to better display the characteristics of their stores according to their own characteristics and needs.

Latex | The future of eco-friendly inkjet printing!

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What is Latex?

Latex printing technology, initially used to replace solvent and weak solvent (i.e., airbrush and portrait) printing, Latex based on its pigment ink color base and resin and latex additive formulations, has the advantages of the previous solvent-based inks to adapt to the diversity of printing media and imaging durability, while having the durability and environmental friendliness of water-based inks for equipment, is a functional ink representing the future direction of print inkjet.


Decorative wallboard application solutions

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Advantages of UV printing in decorative wallboard applications


01Self-cleaning and anti-corrosion

02Highly decorative, beautiful picture

03Shock resistance, flame retardant, heat insulation, sound insulation, waterproof

04Finished product installation, simple process, simple installation

05Wide range of application


Exposure! "SPRINTER product secrets" is open!

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