Sprinter Solvent Printer

Sprinter HDK3300 printer is a type of solvent printer in industrial grade which meets customers' production demand for ultra high precision and high speed. According to customer demand it can work in high speed with a high precison of 4 colors. Possessing a high printing speed, meetting the demand of handling materials in large quantities.


Key benefits

  • KM512i and KM102i printhead optional
  • Maximum 8-printhead configuration
  • Applicable to a wide range of materials
  • Easy application
  • Faster production process
  • Helps diversify your inventory


  • Sprinter solvent printers are suitable for a wide range of printing media, can meet the requirements of high-speed printing. Vivid colors, realistic effects, wide color gamut, excellent color expression, waterproof, scratch-resistant, and long-lasting final prints.

Machine systems

  • Printhead maintenance system
  • Ink tank lack detection system
  • Infrared drying system
  • Takeup and feedup system can be removable
  • High strength anodizing vacuum adsorption platform

Sprinter Konica 512i solvent printer


Using high-quality imported spare parts such as Sino foreign joint venture servo motors, Hi-win rails、IGUS towline、NSK bearing tec.

Rich printing solutions, Makes you RICH


Product dimension diagram



Printhead maintenance system

when the carriage goes to the home position,the soleplate of keeping wet automatically rise up to protech the printheads (option)

Infrared drying system

Through the infrared heating system, the hot melt adhesive powder and pigment are well combined, and the image after heat transfer is more realistic and the color is more vivid.

Printhead cleaning system

Metal adjustment valve, Printerhead clean system Integral or separately.

Ink subtank heating control system

The secondary ink cartridge is heated to make printing smoother.

High strength anodizing vacuum adsorption platform

Large print platform design, can install different quantity printhead,it is easy and convinient to upgrade.

Takeup and feedup motor safety protection

High-end atmosphere, humanized design.

Print head height adjustment

Easy operating printhead height adjustment could be used according to all kinds of media thickness and actual printing needs.

The rear cover can be opened for convenient maintenance

Humanized design, convenient operation and maintenance.



Technical Specs

 Model  HDK3300
 Printhead  Konica 1024i / Konica 512i
 Printing accuracy  1440 dpi
 Heating system  Pre-heater, printing bed heater, infrared headting, fan drying headting-option
 Color channels  Solvent ink- CMYK
 Printing size  Max. Print size  3200mm
 Printing speed  1 pass:480 sqm/h (2*4 konica 1024i); 2 pass: 250 sqm/h (2*4 konica 1024i)
 Printhead  Max. No.s  8
 Plate  4+4
 Software  Control  Sprinter control system
 RIP  Ultraprint/Photoprint (option)
Color channels CMYK
 Computer (Not included)  Windows 7/10; 64bits
Media Flex banner, Fiberglass Mesh, Car sticker, Soft film...
 Power supply AC, 50HZ/60HZ; 220v(±10%)>15A
 Machine size & weight  4420*1750*1420mm 650kg
 Package Size & G.Weight  4940*760*1140mm 850kg
Safety certification  CE Certification


*Specifications subject may change without notice. Please confirm with sales representative for more details

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