UV curing ink use in 20 classic cases

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What happens when the ink is over-cured?

There is a theory that when the ink surface is exposed to too much UV light, it becomes harder and harder. And when one prints another ink on this hardened ink film and dries it a second time, the adhesion between the top ink and the bottom ink becomes poor.

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Power Pro5000

SPRINTER UV Belt Convey Hybrid Printer-Power Pro 5000

Advanced Magnetic Motor and high-precision Metal Encoder system, the inkjet head runs quickly and accurately. Meanwhile, it is equipped with human body safety system to improve the safety performance of the equipment. Up to 6 rows and 24 printhead configuration, multiple rolls/multiple sheets of material printing at the same time.



The ultra-spacious large head and large base plate design with up to 6 rows of printheads, combined with the special feature of two colors at one of the Ricoh printhead, the Power Pro 5000 offers a wide range of possible configurations, with more than ten printing options such as color white, white color, color white color, white color varnish, etc., fully satisfying the diversified application needs of customers and also bringing broader and more flexible business expansion for manufacturers.

The feedup system contains expansion bars and air-controlled compression bar devices at the front and rear, which can effectively expand the web with stretching characteristics, so there is no need to worry about material wrinkling or warping during the printing process. This ensures continuous production, reduces unexpected failures, and eliminates material waste and rework.

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