White Color Varnish Application Solution

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Effect: Realize One-time Output and Printing of White Color Varnish

Suitable for partial or small format varnish printing

Automatic control of the printing position of varnish

Realize partial embellishment effect

Increase brightness


According to the effect, it is divided into:

Art Varnish

Matte Varnish

Partial Varnish

Full Width Varnish


SPRINTER UV Product Recommendation

Name: SPRINTER UV Flatbed Printer




Printhead Type: RICOH GEN5/GEN6


Ink Type: Imported UV Ink


Curing Mode: UV-LED Curing


Color Mode: CMYK (Lc Lm) + W + V


Print Size: 2.7x1.3m

Name: 3.2m UV Belt Convey Hybrid Printer


Model: Power Pro 3200


Printhead Type: RICOH GEN5/GEN6


Ink Type: Imported UV Ink


Curing Method: UV-LED Curing


Color Mode: CMYK (Lc Lm) + W + V


Print Size: 3.2m

Printhead Arrangement

Print Mode

Application Display

Home Decoration Industry (Background Wall, Porch, Sliding Door, ETC.)

Signage Industry (Party Building Wall, ETC.)

3C Industry (Cell Phone Cases, Laptops and Other Electronic Products)

Packaging Industry (Counter Display, Cosmetics, ETC.)

Shanghai SPRINTER has been committed to the development and production of UV printers for many years to solve the problem of high cost and high inventory of traditional printing methods. UV flatbed printers to replace the low efficiency, low capacity of traditional printing methods, so that its personalized production characteristics to expand the business scope of printed products, which also stimulates the growth of market demand. So that more and more companies can recognize and accept SPRINTER!

Choose Shanghai SPRINTER, work with you to win together!


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