Sand Gold Application Solution

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The advantages of UV printing in the application of sand gold

1.Simple, quick and easy to operate compared to traditional processes

2.Safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-polluting


4.Dirt and scrub resistance, easy to clean

5.Low cost and wide range of application

SPRINTER Recommended Models

Machine type:SPRINTER TrueColor Series Classic UV Flatbed Printer

Model: TC-F2713

Applications: Can print a variety of materials that can be laid flat and have a flat surface

Print size: 2.7*1.3m

Material thickness: 0~110mm

Print color: CMYK LCLM W V

Printhead: RICOH GEN5/GEN6 latest sixth generation printhead

Application scope and effect demonstration

Authorization plate



Use UV printing technology, fast and easy to achieve frosted three-dimensional effect

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